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Stephen Rost reviews
Commentary on the Gospel of Luke
by St. Bonaventure
Mike Jones reviews:
Training Disciplined Soldiers of Christ
by Tim Callaway
John Morehead Reviews rithForbidden Faith: The Gnostic Legacy From the Gospels to the Da Vinci Code by Richard Smoley
Bonaventure of Luke   Tim Callaway Forbidden Faith

Christian Book Reviews is an interdisciplinary, co-operative, website dedicated to reviewing books and other media dealing with issues related to Christianity. These reviews are intended for the serious reader interested in church history, current affairs, missions and the history of missions, philosophy, politics, religion, religious dialogue, social issues, theology, and world religions. Each review will describe the content of a particular work before offering an evaluation in terms of its scholarly and practical significance.

The opinions expressed in individual reviews are those of the reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views of the website's creator. All reviews are written from a scholarly perspective. Among other things it is hoped that these reviews will create serious debate about the role of Christianity in the modern world. To that end the website is linked to the Christian Book Reviews Blog fount at: http://christianreviewofbooks.blogspot.ca/. You are invited to add your comments to the Blog. There is also a Twitter feed. Other links and related material are added for the reader's information. For more information read: About.





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